BP enlists Advisian for East Coast Cluster CCS

BP has selected Worley consulting business Advisian to carry out advisory and technical work for the UK oil and gas major’s two carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects in development in north-east England’s Teesside area.

Advisian will act as lenders’ technical advisor for Net Zero Teesside Power, a gas-fired power station with CCS, and the carbon dioxide transportation and storage company Northern Endurance Partnership (NEP).

Both projects, directed by BP, are part of the East Coast Cluster, one of two UK government-supported CCS hubs to be developed by the mid-2020s.

The cluster will employ carbon-capture systems to collect emissions from various heavy industrial operations in Teesside and Humber, transporting the CO2 and storing it offshore, and are a key component of the UK’s plan to decarbonise heavy industry.

Advisian’s workscope will include assessment of the projects’ technical risks, proposal of mitigation measures, and assistance to prospective lenders supporting BP to secure financing for the development of the two operations.

Advisian will continue cooperation through what was described as a multi-year contract period with lenders, including due diligence, financial close, and periodic reviews of the projects’ performance and operations.

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NZT Power is a joint venture between BP and Equinor, and would be the first UK-based gas power plant where emissions are captured through CCS.

The NEP project, a direct complement to NZT, will consist of an onshore network of pipelines to transport the emissions captured at Teesside and Humberside industrial plants to offshore storage sites in the southern North Sea geological formations.

NEP is backed by BP, Equinor, TotalEnergies, Shell, and the UK’s National Grid.