Subsea 7 joins forces with a familiar face for Australian offshore wind venture

Subsea 7 is again teaming up with Simply Blue Group, this time in collaboration with Australia’s Spark Renewables to pursue floating offshore wind projects in the Australian state of New South Wales.

The consortium will focus on floating offshore wind development off the coast of New South Wales in the Hunter and Illawarra regions.

The trio noted that the recently declared Hunter-Central Coast and Illawarra renewable energy zones offer good opportunities to support the development of floating wind alongside the potential future Commonwealth offshore wind zones, including the proposed Hunter offshore wind area.

“With a long coastline and stable continental shelf, we see huge potential for offshore floating wind projects off New South Wales. The State Government of New South Wales has announced key renewable energy zones making it clear that it’s committed to a diverse, affordable, modern energy system, with wind energy firmly in the mix,” said Simply Blue chief executive, Sam Roch-Perks.

The consortium will investigate the suitability of areas for developing an offshore wind farm within the proposed Hunter offshore area and the foreshadowed Illawarra offshore area.

Community-wide and stakeholder-specific consultation with ecological agencies, Traditional Owners, Australian maritime, aviation and defence will inform any site identification process before it proceeds to determining specific projects.

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“As a NSW-based company, we understand the community issues, and this is a key focus for us on all our projects. We are excited by the opportunities that offshore wind projects can bring to NSW, including an increase in local manufacturing and therefore more jobs to support the local economy,” commented Anthony Marriner, head of Spark Renewables.

The consortium said it has come together because it brings complementary expertise from world-leading companies, ensuring the deliverability of the projects proposed.

Australia’s emerging offshore wind industry provides a potential pathway for the thousands of jobs expected to transition from existing industries into renewable energy. This is a critical opportunity for workers in New South Wales, as the Australian state seeks to decarbonise its energy supply, it added.

Subsea 7 has already partnered with Simply Blue on the Salamander floating offshore wind project in Scotland, UK.