Workers’ strike avoided in Norway on offshore rigs and floatel

A workers’ strike in Norway on up to 12 offshore drilling and floatel units has been avoided following a settlement between workers’ and employers’ representatives.

It had been reported in Norway that up to 913 union members working on up to 12 drilling and floatel units would have gone on strike today if Wednesday’s negotiations had not been successful.

The 913 members were working on offshore facilities owned by companies including Seadrill, Noble, Odfjell, Transocean, Saipem, COSL, Archer, KCA, Akofs, Floatel and Island Offshore, according to the union Industri Energi.

Industri Energi said in a statement on Wednesday night that it had reached an agreement in the mediation with the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, meaning “there will be no strike” on the Norwegian continental shelf.

“We have ensured that everyone in this collective agreement has received a good wage settlement,” said Industri Energi’s negotiations leader Frode Alfheim.

The result, which takes effect from 1 June 2023, implied a general addition of 6.5%, said the union.

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The minimum wage rates for all groups increased by 6.5%, including holiday pay.

In addition, the “night supplement” would be increased by Nkr5.50 to Nkr102.50 ($9.49) per hour.

The public holiday allowance had increased by Nkr75 to Nkr2275 ($210.63) per day.

It is understood other unions involved in the mediation included SAFE, and De Samarbeidende Organisajonene (DNMF and NSOF).