Norway’s Nyhamna gas processing plant remains offline

Norway’s gas production is facing further fallback as the Nyhamna processing plant failed to restart as planned on Thursday, according to Norwegian gas grid operator Gassco.

The Shell-operated terminal is set to remain offline until 15 July, according to Gassco data, although the date remains uncertain because of the “technical issues”.

The plant has been shut down since 19 May, denting Europe’s efforts to fill its underground storage facilities.

Nyhamna processes gas from the Ormen Lange and Aasta Hansteen fields, where production will have to be reduced by 79.8 million cubic metres per day.

The outage will mainly affect the UK, as Nyhamna sends gas through the Langeled pipeline ending at Easington terminal, England.

Meanwhile, Norway’s biggest gas processing plant is facing a month’s worth of maintenance in August. The Equinor-owned Kollsnes terminal will undergo a total shutdown on 26 August and 7 September, cutting 153 MMcmd of export capacity to Europe.

Plans are to reduce the plant’s capacity by 15% from 21 August, according to data from Gassco, before entering the full-scale closure for repairs.