BP submits plan for Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub

BP’s Aberdeen Hydrogen Energy joint venture has submitted a planning application for the Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub in Scotland, which would involve a green-hydrogen production and a vehicle refuelling facility powered by a solar farm.

The application comes after a period of public comment that BP said helped shape the proposal.

“Today marks a milestone for the project, building on our shared vision with Aberdeen City Council to establish the city as a centre of excellence for hydrogen and fuel-cell technologies, and BP’s ambition to build a leading position in hydrogen globally,” BP Aberdeen Hydrogen Energy chief executive Oliver Taylor said.

“Submission of the planning application follows a successful public consultation period where we welcomed the opportunity to meet local residents and hear feedback, recognising the importance of bringing the Aberdeen community along with us on this journey.”

The hub will be developed in three phases to supply a growing demand for hydrogen in the UK, delivering more than 800 kilograms of green hydrogen per day, enough to fuel 25 buses and other public and private fleet vehicles.

The project targets first production for phase one in 2024. Future phases could see production scaled up for rail, freight and marine uses, as well as for heating and export.

The hydrogen facility and the solar farm will take up separate sites connected by an underground grid. The solar farm will be built on the former Ness landfill site.